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A strong and tangible network
is paramount in today’s
investment market.

At BDA we have access to an extensive network of institutional investors (including Family Offices) and analysts in New York, London and the rest of Europe.

In this age of high speed connectivity, a meticulous approach to analyst relations run by highly experienced people has never been more important. We understand how important it is to have good analyst coverage and institutional interests to boost your company’s profile, liquidity and share price performance.

Institutions and analysts have unique information needs. At BDA we have years of experience running successful analyst relations programmes, steering clients through the best briefing processes for different houses and individuals.

Our sector-specific approach and strong relationships help link your company with relevant analysts and funds. We also arrange one-to-one and group meetings, site visits, company road shows.


Good media coverage is essential for a company to publicise its innovations, reinforce its corporate positioning, build awareness and manage its reputation

At BDA, we help you grow and spread your innovation story so that any breakthroughs resonate with key stakeholders and target audiences.

BDA has a presence in major financial centres such as Toronto, New York, London and Frankfurt. We have proven and trusted relationships with the journalists, bloggers and influencers who matter and specialize in integrating the world of traditional financial and business media relations with social and digital strategies.

We work with you to pitch stories on an opportunistic basis to reinforce your brand positioning and profile. By combining our excellent journalist relations and sector-focused approach, you get higher success rates in securing exclusive interviews and media coverage within a limited media space.

Many of our team members have had direct experience working in the financial sector. This means we’re able to understand and appreciate pertinent technical, regulatory and business issues. We marry this industry expertise with a data-focused approach that ensures we’re telling our clients’ stories to the right audiences, at the right time, through the right medium.


The extensive and intricate array of ESG challenges makes it one of the most relevant issues today

At BDA, our clients lean on us for our analysis and evaluation. Our ESG consulting services are driven by in-depth knowledge of the trends and market implications across industries, geographies and stakeholders. A well thought out ESG communication strategy not only supports the bottom line but also helps deliver on the expectations of investors, regulators, employees, customers and help attract additional capital.

It takes insight, global expertise, intuition and monitoring to identify where and how a company is most affected by its individual ESG concerns. It then takes our knowledge, precision and creativity to outline the most beneficial answer to those issues.

Through deep understanding of various ESG frameworks and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we help our clients consistently communicate and report on their ESG policies and stewardship.

No matter where your business is in its sustainability journey our expertise can support you in developing yourselves as a sustainability leader.


Our diverse group of
ambitious thinkers and
passionate storytellers have a
common goal in mind:
raising your profile within the
global investment community.

At BDA, we bring together leading experts from the investment community to help public companies and pre-IPO companies understand, engage, and succeed with their investors by developing insightful strategies, effective tactics, and high impact messaging

Our proactive, customer-focused strategies are individually curated for each client to achieve value-added results that drive investor value. This goes beyond the supervision of your financial calendar and drafting/overseeing the release of all of your announcements and regulatory filings: We strive to efficiently utilize management’s time and resources to maximize interactions with the investment community, while remaining accessible and compliant with all Reg FD requirements.


From developing an existing brand or building one from scratch, to producing a simple flyer or sprinkling magic dust on a mammoth deck, we can help

At BDA we help Investor Relations departments enhance client communication, reputation management, and strategic decision-making through implementing a suite of AI services. These include:

Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing public and investor sentiment across media and forums to inform communication strategies.

Predictive Analytics: Providing forecasts on stock prices, market trends, and investor behavior for informed strategic planning.

Automated Reporting: Using AI for timely and accurate financial communications

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Offering instant responses to investor inquiries, boosting engagement.

Investor Targeting: Analyzing investment patterns to identify and engage potential investors efficiently.


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