We understand what investors and shareholders are looking for.

Our expertise lies in knowing which media channel, platforms, or apps are best to access existing and prospective shareholders.

Our fortes are proper data analysis and audience targeting; positioning and messaging; and stunning creative assets and designs that are compliant and compelling.

As former brokers, bankers, venture capitalists and compliance experts, we understand the different perspectives of financial advisors, investors (accredited and sophisticated) and mass shareholders.

We bring a history of experience, having written and designed offering memorandums, pitch decks, arranged IPO road shows and analyst presentations. We work with the best in class team of designers, writers, videographers and producers to ensure that your message will compel, convince, inform, and educate.

Business Plans * Pitch Decks * Offering Memorandums * Research Reports * Road Shows * Financial Call Centers * Listings * Reverse Mergers

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Getting Started

BDA on-boards new clients with its custom workshop. Our time-proven methodology – part branding, competitive analysis, data analytics and touch-point mapping – allows our team insight into our clients’ models and thought processes, while also offering an outsider’s perspective.

This process yields strategy, positioning and messaging, and a prioritized set of tactics based on impact. It syncs up all teams, allowing BDA to work independently, minimizing client time with set milestone check-ins and approvals.

BDA connects clients with major international and
national media and trade publications

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