Private Placements have historically been the traditional way in which companies in the early and growth stages of their development fund their business. These equity instruments are promoted and sold by the company, a broker-dealer or both, and are generally pitched to angel funds, venture capital funds or wealthy investors who qualify as accredited. 

Following the JOBS Act of 2012, this process has never been easier.

With changes in regulation and leveraging the options allowed by the Act, the tide is turning to usher in a new capital raising process. Now ALL classes of investors (not just accredited) can access deals previously in limited supply, and companies can market to them quickly, efficiently and without a registered intermediary.

You can now engage directly with your potential investor base and others with an appreciation for your business or project, allowing you to raise up to $50 million per year in a Reg A+ offering and remain private, or test the waters for trading your stock on a public exchange. Reg D 506(c) offerings let you raise an unlimited amount of capital from accredited investors with no restrictions on general solicitation. But fewer regulations is only half of the story.

The other half is getting your story in front of the right people.

That’s where BDA comes in.

BDA – A Leader in Targeted Traffic:

Many companies seeking capital through this means think that simply listing their offer on a Crowd Funding portal is sufficient, and that the right investors will find the right deals all on their own.

At BDA, we firmly believe that listing your offer without thought to traffic is an exercise in futility. No matter how great the company or its upside potential, any Reg A+ or Reg D 506(c) offering will only succeed insofar as it is supported by an effective online traffic-driving campaign.

This where we excel. We target the precise investor segment most appropriate for your investment: institutions, qualified, accredited high net worth investors or the mass affluent which are tailored to your deal without having to compete with the dozens of deals listed on portals or the numerous, simultaneous offerings promoted by money raisers.

Your Own Crowd Funding Portal

For those who raise capital on a consistent basis, such as VCs, private equity companies, and real estate developers, we can help you develop and launch a CF portal for your investment alone, at very competitive rates.

Why share your existing and potential new investors with a public portal with all of its other offerings when they can remain yours?

We are happy to walk you through our custom-built tech platform to attract and close investors. We only supply this technology to our marketing clients.

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Getting Started

BDA on-boards new clients with its custom workshop. Our time-proven methodology – part branding, competitive analysis, data analytics and touch-point mapping – allows our team insight into our clients’ models and thought processes, while also offering an outsider’s perspective.

This process yields strategy, positioning and messaging, and a prioritized set of tactics based on impact. It syncs up all teams, allowing BDA to work independently, minimizing client time with set milestone check-ins and approvals.

BDA connects clients with major international and
national media and trade publications

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