At BDA we know that any well thought out investor relations or Capital raising campaigns should also have a welcome and corollary consequence of increasing our clients’ revenue.

It all begins with the same methodology: putting together a holistic promotional plan, leveraging our experience in a marketing, creative services, media outreach, data targeting and promotional materials.

Much of this is accomplished by using smart digital and communications technology helping promote our clients, their products and services to have a huge positive impact on their business.

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Getting Started

BDA on-boards new clients with its custom workshop. Our time-proven methodology – part branding, competitive analysis, data analytics and touch-point mapping – allows our team insight into our clients’ models and thought processes, while also offering an outsider’s perspective.

This process yields strategy, positioning and messaging, and a prioritized set of tactics based on impact. It syncs up all teams, allowing BDA to work independently, minimizing client time with set milestone check-ins and approvals.

BDA connects clients with major international and
national media and trade publications

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